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Welcome to Buy Sell Trade Smart - 'Almost Ready!'

  Buy Sell Trade Smart is a professional, online marketing system which offers FREE memberships where members can sign up and create a virtual website, complete with files, pictures and even a place to 'embed your video'.

  Advertise whatever you wish to advertise through our multi-site network and watch your ads climb straight to the top of the search engines when you use the proper title for your ad.

  Advertise your business, yourself or whatever you wish to sell here and on our many websites in our network. combined this approach will afford you the best "BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!"

  • Several page 'Member' section for you to properly describe yourself or your business.
  • You can save searches, favorite ads and be alerted when ads are loaded which match the searches you have saved and indicated you wish to be notified about.
  • You can save searches, favorite ads and be alerted when ads are loaded which match the searches you have saved and indicated you wish to be notified about.
  • Included: A Member Blog section. (Keep visitors up-to-date and say what you want to best enhance your image and keep readers up to date on news you have to share.)
  • Built in WYSIWYG ad editor for creating and modifying the content of your ads.
  • Join the network from any page or Member site. - You can log in through any of our network sites with the same username and password.
  • Your e-mail is protected at all times through a secure contact form built into the system.
  • Built-in photo management -- upload photos via a web browser. If you don't upload any pictures for a advertisement or in the  Member's section, a default "photo not available" image will be automatically displayed where appropriate.
  • Automatically creates thumbnails -- smaller versions of your photos are automatically created.
  • Using the inexpensive ad system linked to YOUR FREE membership profile system equals online success when you multiply the results and increase your visibility exponentially using our networked website system.
  • You can even get a domain name/website and have us tie it into the system to show your member section as a stand alone website tied into the Gold Member Network. - With No Outside Ads!
  • We are going to continually improve our service, position, image and opportunities.
  • Join Us Today! - FREE! - We are hoping you will join us and help make the community stronger and through the efforts of all of us complete an effort here where everyone wins.
    • If you own a business... advertise several items you sell and then correctly set up your member section to complete a very affordable online presence which can be improved by setting up your own standalone website.
    • If you are a Real Estate concern or a Building Owner you can take the member section to advertise the main property and then use the Ad system to advertise those who rent from you as a courtesy for doing business with you and then also advertise your available units for lease.
    • If you own a car lot... If you run a Mall... the opportunities are just an idea away!
  • Many, many, many more features.

Buy Sell Trade Smart - Your Online Marketing Resource!


ATTENTION - LIMITED TIME OFFER: For Our Community Websites -- Local community professionals serving a City or Township we have developed a local site to represent can apply to become site managers and have conditional control of the Blog system for your respective communities. Also site managers can apply to have a site developed for the community they serve and wish to represent.


These local non-affiliated partners may also be afforded the ability to derive income in perpetuity from half of the Members/Customer's ad revenue who may sign up through their community website. (note: We need a programmer to write a simple sequential rotation script for this to work -- contact us if you can assist. This is intended to be for as long as these customers stay with the network and this new approach to online marketing remains viable - Plan to make this switch to percentage of sign-ups at community websites and activate this capability as soon as the process is in place and this is viable.) 


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